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Business Address Types

Registered, Trading and Business – What’s the Difference?

In Ireland, a registered office, a trading address, and a business address are all distinct concepts that refer to different aspects of a company’s operations.

  1. Registered office: The registered office is the official address of a company that is registered with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland. It is the address where all legal and official documents, including letters from the CRO, notices, and court documents, will be sent. The registered office must be a physical location in Ireland and cannot be a PO Box. The registered office address must be displayed on all company stationery, websites, and other public documents.
    • Also worth noting with a registered office address:
      1. It’s publicly available for anyone to see.
      2. It’s where official and legal correspondence will be delivered.
      3. You can use a Virtual Office address service for your registered office.
      4. You can only have one registered office address at a time.
      5. You will receive official mail (legal letters, letter from the CRO) to your registered office address, but you don’t have to use it as your day-to-day address for business mail. You can use a Business Address instead (see below), at a more prestigious location.
  2. Trading address: A trading address is the address where a company conducts its day-to-day business operations. It is the physical location where customers or clients can visit the company to buy products or services, or where employees work. A trading address can be the same as the registered office, but it is not a requirement. A company can have multiple trading addresses if it has multiple locations where it operates.
    • Important to note about a trading address:
      1. It’s where the activities of the business are carried out.
      2. You’ll need it to register with the revenue commissioners for things like VAT and corporation tax.
      3. You can use a Virtual Office address service for your trading address provided that you also carry out regular activities at the address. For example, by using add-on facilities such as meeting rooms or HotDesk days.
      4. You don’t have to receive mail to your trading address. You can use your business address instead.
  3. Business address: A business address is a general term that can refer to either a registered office or a trading address. However, it is usually used to refer to a trading address, which is the physical location where the business is conducted. A business address can also be used to receive mail and packages, but it is not the official address registered with the CRO.
    • In addition with a business address:
      1. It’s the address that you publish on your marketing materials and receive your general day-to-day post.
      2. You don’t have to perform activities there.
      3. You can use a Virtual Office address service for your Business Address.

In summary, the registered office is the official address of the company for legal and official purposes, while the trading address is the physical location where the business operates, and the business address is a general term that can refer to either the registered office or the trading address.

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