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Entara Group Locations

The Entára Group Mission

Empowering Communities: The Vision for Entára Group Formerly known as HQKerry and Workbase, we’ve evolved into something more. Our transformation into Entára Group signifies our commitment to building a network of spaces that not only serve, but truly understand the communities they are part of.   Each hub within Entára Group is more than just […]

Workbase by HQKerry

Office Solutions in County Cork and County Limerick

Discover the Ideal Office Solutions in County Cork and County Limerick Are you searching for the perfect office space in Cork or Limerick? Look no further than Workbase Coworking Hubs in Macroom and Abbeyfeale. Whether you’re a freelancer, professional practice, remote worker or an established business, we have the ideal workspace solutions to meet your […]

Recruitment Portal Launching Soon

Recruitment Portal Launching Soon Recruitment   Members – Contact us today to list your opportunities!    

Office Space in Macroom

Exploring Affordable Office Space in Workbase Macroom: Escaping the High Costs of Cork City Are you in search of an office space that strikes a balance between affordability and functionality while escaping the high costs of Cork City? Look no further than Workbase Macroom, a hub that offers furnished offices, accessible 24hours a day and […]

Office Space in Abbeyfeale

Discovering Affordable Office Space in Abbeyfeale and West Limerick Are you considering establishing your business in the heart of Ireland’s scenic landscapes while keeping your overhead costs in check? If so, the charming town of Abbeyfeale and the broader West Limerick region might be the perfect fit for your office space needs. In this article, […]

Landlords and Coworking Operators

Landlords and Coworking Operators

Redefining Real Estate The Synergy of Landlords and Coworking Operators In the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate, a transformative partnership is taking root — landlords are joining forces with coworking-space operators. This future-focused strategic alliance is reshaping the economic landscape and fostering a new era economic benefits for landlords through collaboration with the specialised […]

repurposing existing spaces

Sustainable Wave of Coworking

The Sustainable Wave of Coworking Hubs Repurposing Existing Spaces In an era where climate change, the push for “10-minute towns,” and the urgency of redefining transportation and reducing commutes command our attention, we look to provide our own level of input into a solution. Enter the reimagining of vacant commercial units into dynamic coworking hubs […]

Reviving Town Centres

Reviving Town Centres

Reviving Town Centres Innovative Solutions for Economic Resurgence Exploring creative strategies and success stories for revitalising town centres as engines of economic growth, highlighting the role of forward-thinking initiatives in attracting businesses, residents, and fostering community vibrancy. In the current scenario of Ireland’s pressing challenges — marked by a decade-high commercial vacancy rate, a soaring […]

Remote Work Spaces and Private Offices in ralee

Remote Work Space in Kerry

Remote Work in Kerry In today’s evolving work landscape, the concept of remote work has gained immense popularity. With its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and thriving business environment; County Kerry in Ireland presents a compelling destination for professionals seeking a conducive and inspiring remote work space. At HQTralee, we offer private offices and coworking spaces […]

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