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Virtual Offices in Kerry, Cork and Limerick

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Love the town centre address but not the cost of a physical office? No problem! Our Virtual Office package helps you create the perfect first impression while working from home, your car, your spare room!

We can offer you a registered business address, including mail handling from only €50+VAT per month. Not only that but you will gain access to upcoming member events, networking opportunities and can avail of discounts with local business and partners. Inquiries by email only to

All Virtual Office Providers in Ireland must apply for and obtain a Licence to provide virtual office services from the Department of Justice. We are fully licensed to provide the service. Using an unlicensed Virtual Office Provider is very risky as they can be shut down instantly leaving you with no access to your post and the hassle of changing your address. Unlicensed providers are also breaking the law and risk prosecution. Always check before signing up.

Chat to us today about applying for your Entára Group business address or inquire by email to

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