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Demolish and Start Again

Town Centres: Should we Demolish and Start Again?

Where we are with our towns Are Irish town centres really redundant and vacant, with the future of these once-bustling hubs of economic and social activity needing some ambition and vision? With any significant modern development apparently happening solely in out of town or main city locations, the usability of our town centre building stock […]

Building Obsolescence

Town Centre Obsolescence In recent years, the issue of building obsolescence in town centres has become a major challenge for regional development in Ireland. Many towns and cities across the country are facing a situation where their buildings are becoming outdated, unsuitable for modern use, and in need of significant repair or even demolition. However, […]

The Future is Now

The Future is Now Many moons ago we wrote a short piece about how places needed to evolve to prepare for the future of work. Back in 2018 when we penned the piece entitled ‘A Societal Change to Work‘ we spoke about a need for there to be a complete change in society in how […]

How to Achieve Work Life Balance

Tips for separating work life and home life when working remotely   By now we are all familiar with the goal of a harmonious work-life balance. We hear about the benefits and in truth we know that we need to do to achieve it. But in reality, working from home, or working remotely can blur […]

Ken Tobin Discusses HQ. Coworking’s Expansion on Radio Kerry

  On November 18th, Ken Tobin joined Radio Kerry’s Mary Gallagher on the InBusiness show to discuss HQ Coworking’s expansion outside of Kerry to Abbeyfeale under the new WorkBase brand. They chatted about the highly anticipated upcoming launch of the WorkBase hub in Abbeyfeale and how repurposing old banks and derelict buildings, in a viable […]

Business Identity – More Than Just a Logo

  When we think ‘Business Identity’, most of us instantly conjure images of our favourite brand logos, colours, theme tunes, iconic slogan or perhaps a particularly catchy ad campaign. Do you feel a certain way when thinking about a brand? It is remarkable how well we can create that mental picture isn’t it? That is […]

RTE Feature HQKerry

RTÉ Features HQKerry

  HQKerry on RTE Founders Ken Tobin and Tom O’Leary, along with some of HQKerry’s member companies were delighted to speak with RTÉ recently about how hubs and facilities such as HQKerry are helping rural businesses to flourish. In the interview, Ken says “There is a lot of synergy between companies based in the hubs […]

HQKerry Founders, Tom O'Leary & Ken Tobin

Exciting News for HQConsulting

Press Release   Kerry Based Consultancy Firm Wins Contract for Future Flagship Digital Hub & Coworking Facility in Athlone   A flagship Digital Hub and Coworking facility in Athlone moved a step forward recently with the appointment of Kerry based Consultants to undertake a Feasibility Study. The move is good news for businesses in the […]

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