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Supercharge your team’s productivity with a workspace that fits your needs. Designed for team building, collaborating, concentrating, and presenting – all in one productive office environment.

Our team offices are the ideal solution for growing businesses, satellite offices or for teams that just need a little more space. Entára Group can provide your business with a perfectly sized environment to meet your goals. Our private team offices can be either fully furnished, developer finish  or can be customised – perfect for your business needs. Our private offices in Counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick are the ideal option for fast-growing businesses with big ideas.

Available on short-term contracts, Entára is perfect for small, medium and large teams.

Who Are Our Team Offices for?

  • Teams that need space to grow, collaborate, and share ideas.
  • Business that are onboarding new team members or want to regularly meet with clients in a private space
  • If you need to store products, build prototypes, house designs or displays.
  • Smaller teams that want to be part of a larger community and have access to breakout spaces, meeting rooms and networking opportunities.
  • Larger companies who wish to decentralise their operations and establish satellite offices based on employees’ locations to shorten commutes but still providing a space for collaboration.

Our Pricing Plans

Our contracted members enjoy 24/7 access, so whatever your schedule is your Entára Team Office works for you and your business.

Team Offices
Contact us for pricing and to discuss office options

All Entára Team Office Members have access to the following:

  • High Speed & Secure (between 500Mb and 2GB depending on location) Broadband and WiFi
  • Cisco Secure VLAN
  • Lockable, fully furnished private office
  • Customisable office spaces you can make your own
  • 24/7 Fob Access
  • Flexible Contract Options
  • Town Centre Locations
  • Complimentary Access to each hub’s meeting space
  • Access to Meeting Rooms and Breakout Areas
  • Access to Communal Canteens
  • Complimentary Parking in Listowel, Abbeyfeale and Macroom
  • Discounts with Local Partners & Businesses
  • Bike Storage
  • Access to Photocopying/Printing Facilities in Chapterhouse
  • Access to Expert Consultants to Help Your Business Thrive
  • Training & Personal Development Opportunities and Events

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